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  1. Hi James, my father who holds a PhD in biochemistry has introduced me to Zen Buddhism when I was young as he is a long time practitioner of an old Korean zen Martial art. I always found it annoying of my father who probably is the most advent follower of the “scientific” way to not know so much whether his practice of still and moving meditation has any —let’s call it scientific evidence. Your book is a diamond of knowledge and I haven’t enjoyed from a book like that in quite some time, you write beautifully and informatively and I am looking forward to read some of this blog and your next books. Thank you for connecting many dots I’ve been trying to connect for many years now.

  2. Hi Keinan, so glad you like the book! You’re right. It’s very satisfying when traditional “spiritual” practices and good science finally come together. Did you read the book in the Korean translation? I really should learn more about Korean Zen. Great to hear from you. James

    1. Ha, I think I may not have been so clear, I’m Israeli, and so is my dad, and I read the English version. My dad practices a martial art called Sun Kwan Moo (translated as reflection of the zen warrior). It was brought from from Korea to Israel by my dads teacher. I incorporate the zen Buddhist movement meditation philosophies into my own practice of the Ido Portal Method and other martial arts as well.

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